En juillet 2022 à l'étage de la galerie, Nathalie Rublier peintre et les sculpteurs de la MGM

In July 2022 on the floor of the gallery, Nathalie Rublier painter and the sculptors of the MGM

Originally from Mayenne, Nathalie RUBLIER had a predilection for creation. Like many artists, she brings back her childhood memories to understand where passion comes from. At five years old, the little girl begins to sew buttons on small pieces of fabric, a game? Not really since she later trained in the creation of clothes and worked for major fashion houses. She remembers her first box of markers that she dared not use to keep them longer, like keeping a precious good. Her apprenticeship in fabric inevitably introduced her to drawing, which she used in her profession and then in her hobbies. She likes to touch the materials, to model them, to match them to each other. For the artist, to create, to do, whatever the method or the subject, is an outcome of oneself. When she buys her first box of pastels and registers for lessons, she is assiduous and meticulous. It grows richer as advice and methods are passed on to it.

The message of each work must find receivers. Full member of the Majestic Gallery, Nathalie finally finds a place to share her passion. But it doesn't stop there. A need to touch materials, to experiment with other facets of creation is essential, and from figurative pastel to abstract acrylic, from chalk to paint, the artist cheerfully takes the plunge, choosing the greater the difficulty of knife work. Don't ask her why and how she chooses her subjects and her colors: she doesn't know, she lets her hands guide her work... but observe with a closer eye and you will see that an artist's soul is revealed. first by talent… Nathalie after having worked begins to approach exhibitions and receive prizes.

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