Collection: CHAGNIAUD Jean-Pierre

Even for an artist with the best intentions and talent, hyper-realism cannot be improvised. André Ruellan - Art Critic

The artist represents ordinary objects and likes to give them another image than the one for which they are intended. The modern representation retains the classic aspect while mixing the contemporary spirit to the point that the illusion of 3 D invites itself to the gaze.

The hyperrealism to this impressive is that we do not know how the human is able to achieve it because beyond the talent the work is hard and the imagination deep to manage to capture the truth.

Guest of Honor :

  • Lisieux Show 2020
  • 2015 Le Mans Show
  • Argentinian Fair 2015

Awards :

  • Creativity Prize at the Brittany Pastel Fair
  • Prize of the City Salon of Bocage Painters - Flers (61)
  • Price of Rembrandt pastels - Salon International du Pastel d'Opale Boulogne/mer (62)
  • Price of the Pastel Salon of independent artists of Rouen (76)
  • Price of the Pastel Salon of the Saint Maure artistic movement in Touraine (37)
  • Honorary Prize at the Plastic Arts Fair in Le Mans (72)


  • Gallery Hautaise (Hauteville sur Mer)
  • Arts and Materials Gallery (Auray)

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