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Collection: DAVID Marie-Christine

"It all started at the end of the 80s, between the Dordogne and the Sarthe, and it was in Le Mans that we set up our first small mirror-glazier workshop. We sometimes push the walls from time to time when young designers have the audacity to exhibit their works, young and old moreover, but we are always young when we create!!

Glasses, mirrors, cabinetry, small glass furniture, building glazing, the palette is wide and allows us to establish a good knowledge of this fascinating material.

In the early 2000s, Fusing, one of the techniques for working with glass, caught our attention. It consists of working the glass cold, by cutting it, by assembling several layers of colored glass to obtain creations free in shape and format, after firing in a glass furnace. This technique can be used in many areas such as bay windows, kitchen splashbacks, mirrors, lighting, among others.

Today, if "Verses et Fusion", the name of our workshop, remains faithful to its origins by providing a mirror-glazier service, our constant research has also enabled us to evolve and arrive at more artistic creations. . Because on this long journey, there have been many encounters that have never ceased to enrich our work. Our inspiration is shaped by the gaze of others, by the smiles and curiosity it arouses and by constructive criticism. The commitment of our work is none other than that of wanting to address everyone, without elitism, but never giving in to the easy way," Marie-Christine

But,,, why US? Because mirror-glazing is Éric and Fusing and the breath of freedom it allows is Marie-Christine DAVID

Extract from the presentation "Glass and Fusion" Eric and Marie-Christine