Collection: GOSSET Françoise

Halfway between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, Françoise GOSSET invites us to where the ocean freshness is tinged with nostalgia.

Born facing the sea and adopted from Reunion Island for more than twenty years, the artist has placed her canvases in shades of blue under the sign of a luminous elsewhere.

She exhibited for several years overseas and today presents in her region a work with mixed influences.

“At the same time universe of escape, need and passion, creation represents for me the place where I find myself fully.

When I paint, I exacerbate the colors to saturation, playing with brilliance and contrasts in a pictorial surface that comes alive with the movements of the canvas.

It is according to a personal process, that I model my support in pleated reliefs, like a material; I animate it through movement, opposing smooth and pleated, playing with the amplitude of the shaped folds, exploiting shadows and folds...

I also practice sculpture, loving to represent female forms. I express my emotions there by looking for sensual and smooth curves where the light plays on the whiteness of the forms. » Françoise GOSSET