Collection: Fabienne GOUBAUD

The artist, after several years of drawing and plastic art lessons in different workshops, discovered in painting a means of expressing his emotions. For her, to create is to reveal, to unveil without fear of prejudice. She produces various works such as landscapes, portraits, seascapes, floral or abstract compositions, using multiple techniques such as oil, acrylic, pastel and pencil, to obtain original results.

Specialized in interior and exterior wall frescoes, Fabienne GOUBAUD adds a touch of authenticity to the decoration. His creations include trompe-l'œil, personalized painted decorations and material effects imitating wood and marble. She creates interior spaces infused with happiness, comfort, romance and pride.

Some exhibitions:

  • Renaudies Gardens - Colombier du Plessis (53) 2023
  • “Vanessa coaching” workshop - Laval (53) 2023
  • Château de Hauterive Heritage Days - Argentré (53) 2022
  • Chateau des Arcis - Meslay du Maine (53) 2022
  • Shop at Alice's - Saint Loup du Dorat (53) 2022
  • "In situ edition" - Saint Pierre sur Erve (53) 2021
  • "Rendezvous in the gardens" Manoir de Favry - Préaux (53) 2021
  • Media library - Saint Berthevin (53) 2019
  • Multimedia library "The Reflection" - Meslay du Maine (53) 2019

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