Collection: CHAZEAUD Jean Francois

Figurative, imaginary or realistic paintings testifying to the experience and feelings of successive places of life: Aquitaine, Provence Côte d'Azur, Normandy and the Pays de la Loire.

Clear, deep skies, stormy, heavy skies, lights falling from the sky, and always the sun which appears, slightly veiled, illuminating the whole composition. Trees, slender branches, elegant graphics, branch writing, going upwards. Limpid horizons of hills, mountains, cliffs, towns, and sometimes the blue outline of a chapel, a village church. Rivers, rivers, streams, ponds, meanders crossed by bridges. A city in the distance, and paths, always paths that open up the canvas and wind their way up to the sun.

Jean-François Chazeaud's paintings are made of contrasts of light and shadow, both airy and vegetal, liquid and mineral, fluid spaces and thick spaces, sculpted matter.

Worked with great precision, these works transcribe a healthy, intact, re-energizing nature, which today man tries to rediscover with all the more care and fervor as it inexorably disappears here and there.