Collection: KREWISS Serge

Graduate Studies in Plastic Arts and Art History - La Sorbonne Paris

Serge Krewiss, by painting water bottles, this inexhaustible theme, never ceases to explore, to give light to see. The artist's objective is to tell stories by giving personality to these water bottles, full or empty, crushed or intact, alone or accompanied, the stories that result each time are different. With his "living" still lifes of water bottles, which he transforms into enigmatic and silent characters, the painter inscribes his work in contemporaneity and timelessness. He is a witness of our time, he shows the poetry of everyday life. , and at the same time, it is part of the history of art through its tributes to other artists or its references to great works.

Serge Krewiss dares to paint, glorify and personify an ordinary object when artists of the past used rare or precious objects as subjects (exotic fruits, gold, silver, silks. And if it was water , the content, which was to be considered precious and not the container Maybe Serge Krewiss wants us to see beyond his plastic bottles Corrupting plastic is invading the planet, and water, source of life and symbol of purity , is becoming rarer every day. We are confronted with this ambivalence The container destroys the content when it seems to preserve it. Serge Krewiss sublimates the hostility of plastic bottles as if he were looking for the light that would save the world

2023 Salon of French Artists Art Capital Gold Medal
2022 Fine en Bulles Crouttes sur Marne 1st Prize and public prize
2022 Salon of French Artists Art Capital Taylor Foundation Prize
2022 Arts Sciences Letters Silver Medal
2021 63rd Salon des Beaux-Arts Cormeilles en Parisis 1st Painting Prize
2021 Salon des Beaux-Arts Thionville Bronze Medal
2020 Salon of French Artists, Grand Palais Paris Silver Medal
2019 116th Paris Autumn Salon Painting Prize
2019 Salon de la Rochelle Excellence Award for Oil Painting
2019 61st Salon des Beaux Arts de Cormeilles en Parisis Audience Award
2019 Salon of French Artists, Grand Palais Paris Bronze Medal
2018 53rd Barbizon Painting Grand Prix 1st Painting Prize
2018 Arts Science Letters Pewter Medal
2018 Salon of French Artists, Mention of the jury and JP Cot Bergès Prize
2017 52nd Salon ADAC Châtillon 1st Painting Prize
2016 34th Vittel International Painting Fair Special Jury Mention