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Originally from Brittany, Bernard Mahé spent many years in this region before his professional career took him to other horizons. Now based in the Loiret, he enjoys a quiet retirement there which allows him to devote himself fully to painting.

His artistic journey led him to explore different techniques, from ink to watercolor, before finally turning to oil painting. His favorite theme is his native Brittany and the sea that surrounds it. Through his paintings, he seeks to capture the essence of the maritime landscapes so characteristic of the region, with its small white houses, the changing sky and the sea in shades of gray, blue and green.

The artist draws his inspiration from the very particular Breton atmosphere, conducive to escape and daydreaming. His works invite you to take a quiet journey and are imbued with iodized flavors. He regularly exhibits at regional and international fairs.

The unique creations of this self-taught painter are a visual journey to the heart of Brittany and the sea.

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