Collection: MATI

MATI, who grew up in Tharon has been in love with the Atlantic coast since her early childhood. She lives her passion in the idyllic landscape of Port du Collet in Moutiers en Retz, in Loire-Atlantique.

She made her debut in Indian ink and recently admitted that nature was vital to her. A need to see, feel and be inspired made her draw trees.

Painting came later. A delicate but spontaneous painting with a symphony of luminous colors, in which red often predominates, red color of passion and lively emotion.

“Each painting is an adventure for me, a creation that has colors as conductor. I draw from the depths of myself some of the thousand and one reflections of the soul. »

It is, supported by an artist friend, that she accepted the gaze of others on her paintings and that the numerous exhibitions in France and abroad ended up convincing her that, yes, she was a real artist. His talent earned him recognition in the artistic review of the Univers des Arts.

Mati works in his studio stowed on stilts at the port of Collet in the charm of the Pays de Retz, the country of his heart constantly animated by the changing colors and the windy light of the ocean.

Her signature is linked to the graphic technique, to the lines like a thrown line that flies over the canvas, halfway between abstraction and figuration and her palette is enriched by her own emotions that she works with a knife for trajectories that draw the life