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Omari, is a Moroccan artist born in Casablanca from the School of Plastic Arts of Casablanca, from where he graduated with the distinction of Major in his promotion. Initially a graphic designer, he pursued a career as a decorator for Club Med in Tunisia, Senegal and Morocco, which allowed him to express himself freely on large surfaces. In 2002, he moved to Marrakech and devoted his time to painting. The ocher and red colors of the city inspire him deeply and he captures daily life in his paintings. Then he settled in Martinique, fascinated by the exotic landscapes which inspired a series of his works. He currently resides in Laval (Mayenne).
Omari's art is infused with his passion for horses and scenes of everyday life. Through colorful and energetic brushstrokes, he conveys the ephemerality of movement, the adrenaline and the intensity of the action. We have the impression of hearing the breathing of the galloping horse, a noise that resonates like the beating of drums. In his art, the jockey and the horse become one.

Exhibitions and Awards:
- Biennial of the 30th Gorron International Art Fair 2022.
- Prize of the Majestic Gallery Grande expo 2021 Majestic Gallery Montsûrs
- Ernée regional art exhibition 2021, 2017
- Domaine des Assis in Astillé - 2017.
- 2nd Yvré-le-Pôlin Painting Show - 2015.
- 1st Art exhibition in Montjean (February) - 2014.
- Color Gallery Prize - Painters' Meeting - Montfort-le-Gesnois 2013
- Crédit Mutuel headquarters in Laval-2013.
- Caribbean Art Gallery in Trois-Îlets - Martinique - 2010.
- Turkwaz Inspirasyon Gallery in Trois-Îlets in Martinique - 2008.
- Tourist office - Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer - 2007.
- Galerie des Bains-Douches in Antibes - 2006.
- Riad Davia in Marrakech 2-005.
- Guest of honor at the 5th Autumn Festival of Painters of St-Cyr-sur-Mer - 2005.

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