Collection: PAULOVE

The artist expresses his artistic vision in a deep and poetic way. His works, imbued with a quest for meaning and emotion, reflect a world out of balance, capturing the thrills of lost souls throughout time. His inspiration is born from turmoil, where bursts of creativity manifest like invisible souls taking shape on his canvas. His artistic research is rooted in distant and oriental landscapes, giving his paintings an atmosphere of golden purples, imbued with a love for the crafts of the old masters. Nature and poetry play essential roles in his artistic approach, serving as sources of inspiration for his studio creations.

Latest exhibitions and distinctions:
- Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome, 2023
- Château de Lagord, 2023
- Mage Gallery in Toulouse virtually, 2023
- Temple of Chauray, 2023
- Sainte Marie de Ré, June 2023
- Le Four Pontet, 2023
- Celles sur Belle Abbey, 2023
- 13th La Rochelle Arts Festival, 2022
- Yvré le Pôlin International Trade Shows in 2021, 2022, 2023
- Galerie Thuillier Jury Prize-2021, Press Prize-2021
- Thuillier Gallery 2020,
- Pillar Room at the Royal Abbey of Celles sur Belle, 2020

- Medal of Arts-Sciences-Letters Promotion April 2020
- 1st Painting Prize - 9th Painting and Sculpture Exhibition of Yvré le Pôlin
- 3rd Painting Prize - Salon de Tarbes...

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