Collection: PERICAT Stéphanie

French artist, born in 1975, a woman passionate about the world that surrounds and inspires her, Stéphanie Péricat has settled down in La Manche. With a degree in Applied Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts, pastel and her creative spirit have made her an artist who lives from her profession.
Colorist she plays with shadows and lights, material effects, transparencies to better understand realism. For almost twenty-five years, his pencil stroke has been constantly refined by his experience but also with the parallel practice of photography which allows him to sharpen his sense of observation. She creates her creations on a black background (paper and passe-partout) and uses the window of the passe-partout to give an impression of relief to her subject.

Among his prizes:
Pastel drawing prize at the 77th Salon des Artistes Granvillais (Manche - 2023)
Guest of honor Merville-Franceville Summer Fair (Manche - 2023)
Audience award at the Cascades de St Pierre Eglise, Domjean, Granvillais Artists fairs (2023)
Audience Award Drawing Pastel Contemporary Art Fair Regards Cherbourg (2022)
Public Prize and "Aquatic" Mention at the Expression de Domjean show (2022)
Commune Prize at the Salon Expression de Domjean (2021)
Special Jury Prize at the Salon Expression de Domjean (209)
Prices for Pastels Blocks Chesnay Pastel Fair (Yvelines - 2019)
Guest of honor at the Salon des Arts de Daye (2018)
Audience award at the Daye Arts Fair - 2017
Guest of honor at the Dangy painters' day - 2015
Audience award for painters in the Cotentin de Carentan - 2016
2nd prize for painting at the GALOP D'ART fair, Cambremer 2013
Prize for the work on paper at the Montesson art fair (78) - 2012
Prize of the public at the painters' salon of the abbey of Poissy (78) - 1999
Collective exhibition - Pirmasens Germany 1999