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Laura Soulier, originally from Marseille, is a painter and interior designer and lives in Mayenne. Inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky, she discovered the infinite potential of abstract art and the creative freedom it offers.

After her design studies in Paris, Laura saw her artistic practice evolve under the influence of her teachers and the cultural excitement of the capital. It was notably marked by major exhibitions. His travels around the world, including Japan, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, enriched his mental visual library.

Installed today in a house open to nature, Laura finds her main inspiration in the changing light of the region. Her artistic work is the result of constant observation of her daily environment, which she translates into abstract visual compositions. His works are a celebration of freedom, where shapes, movements and transparencies create a vibrant impression of intensity.

Laura Soulier adopts an intuitive approach to painting, letting chance enter into her creative process. She is convinced that art can influence our perception of space, and her work as an interior designer is nourished by this conviction. It explores how a work of art fits into an interior, revealing, enriching and giving depth to the experience of that space, in harmony with furniture, light, hues and textures. The artist skillfully blends the abstract with reality, creating a rich and captivating visual experience.

Laura is THE discovery of the Majestic Gallery which allows her to create her very first exhibition.

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