Collection: WEVILL Sara

Sara Wevill, Franco-British artist arrived in France about twenty years ago. Based in Sarthe, she graduated with a BA Hons (Honours) in ceramics from the University of the West of England.
French rural life gave him the freedom to explore and develop his technique in his studio. Adept at sharing knowledge, she participates in many workshops to help people discover her profession.
A lasting fascination with the natural world led her to specialize in ceramic animal sculpture: wild or domestic animals, even fantastical ones. His feelings and perceptions of nature are reflected in his creations which reveal the unique characters of each animal. Being aware of morphology and body language, creating a slight tilt of the head, giving a sparkle to the eyes or raising an eyebrow is the difference between crafting a sterile, soulless object and an expressive, magical work of art. We are then able to celebrate the animal's personality, intention and beauty together. This is what binds the artist to the animal: love

“As long as you haven't loved an animal, a part of your soul will always be dull, dormant. Anatole France, French poet, Nobel Prize in Literature 1921.

Sara Wevill has participated in numerous exhibitions and has been awarded many times.

Private collections: France, United Kingdom, United States, Japan etc..