En Mai 2022 à l'étage de la Galerie : Myriam Grisez et les sculpteurs de la MGM

In May 2022 on the floor of the Gallery: Myriam Grisez and the sculptors of the MGM

Our artist volunteer member of the gallery exhibits on the first floor until the end of May. Discover the colorful canvases of Myriam GRISEZ, accompanied by sculptures by Ybah, Nicolas Juillet, Xavier de Calonne and Jean-Paul Belland, permanent artists or volunteer members. Myriam can be found on our website

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  • City Prize 2022

    Jean-François MORRO , painter. Purchase of a work by the municipality

  • Hope Award from the magazine "Miroir de l'Art"

    AKIL, painter

    A page in the magazine

  • Crédit Mutuel favorite award

    Daniel OLIVIER , painter

    A check for €300

  • Giant of Fine Arts Prize

    Alias ​​LEBAUDY , Painter

    A 100€ voucher

  • Art and Heritage Prize of the International Fair of Luxeuil les Bains

    Lise DEL MEDICO , Sculptor - A free exhibition at the Salon 2023

  • Price of the International Exhibition of La Rochelle

    Bruno LEON Sculptor -

    A free exhibition in Rome in 2023

  • Painting Prize of the Wetpaint Gallery in London

    Corinne CESCA - A free exhibition in Lausanne

  • Sculpture Prize of the Wet Paint Gallery in London

    YBAH - A free exhibition in Lausanne

  • Painting Prize of the 12 de Domfront Gallery

    Nathalie TRAVAILLARD - A free exhibition at the gallery

  • Sculpture Prize of the 12 de Domfront Gallery

    Nicolas JOUET - A free exhibition at the gallery

  • Encouragement prize from the Galerie du 12 de Domfront

    Nathalie RUBLIER - A free exhibition at the gallery

  • Majestic Gallery Painting Prize

    Christiane GILBERT - A check for €100

  • Majestic Gallery Sculpture Prize

    François-Xavier PINEAU - A check for €100

  • Painting Public Prize

    Daniel CONVENANT - A diploma and a trophy

  • Sculpture Public Prize

    NATALINA - A diploma and a trophy

  • Special Prize for Remarkable Technique MGM

    Eva VISNA - A diploma

Advocacy to defend the rights of visual artists and their creations: speech by the President of the association for the inauguration of the Grande Expo on December 2, 2022. What is a visual artist?

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