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  • An art gallery in Mayenne

    Our artistic journey begins within the association LE MAJESTIC, an association law 1901 anchored in the town hall of Montsûrs, rue de Saint Céneré, 53150 Montsûrs. This associative mosaic unfolds in three distinct sections: the cinema, the theater (located at 6 bis rue de Gesnes) and the cultural section.

    It was in 2018 that this cultural section was reinvented under the name of MAJESTIC GALLERY MONTSÛRS, carried by three co-founding friends:
    Catherine Guillet, communication expert and former artistic agent in the Var, accompanied by Jean Quaillet and Jacques Guillet, two professional painters.

    Guided by a passion and desire to revitalize the cultural landscape, these three visionaries embarked on an ambitious journey. Catherine Guillet, returning to her hometown after decades, felt the deep desire to create a gallery in the city where she was born. The goal was bold, but meaningful: to provide a space where artistic expression
    could flourish without constraints, in a world that does not always favor the recognition of unknown talents.

    This approach quickly obtained the support of the municipality, which recognized the importance of the project for the municipality. The presence of our president, with her established network, was a crucial asset.

    The real treasure of the MAJESTIC lies in a team of passionate volunteers. Nearly twenty enthusiastic volunteers joined the adventure, each bringing their specific expertise to form a harmonious whole. Whether for the meticulous hanging of the works, the careful preparation of the openings or the artistic design of the posters, the hours of permanence and reception of the public, by having knowledge of the approaches of each of the artists presented, the secretariat, the accounting, social networks... Each member now plays a fundamental role in achieving our vision.

    At MAJESTIC, we believe in the power of art to unite minds and inspire community. We invite you to explore our artistic universe, discover the fascinating creations of our artists and join us in celebrating artistic expression in all its forms. Join us in this adventure to contribute to the continued development of the MAJESTIC GALLERY MONTSÛRS and to support talents in

    Each year new volunteer members, artists or not, come to enlarge a close-knit and voluntary team. Our motto: "Give and bring more than we are given and brought to us"


    The General Assembly of the Majestic on May 6, 2022 approved the new office of the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs:

    - President: Catherine GUILLET

    - Treasurer: Christiane de LA FONCHAIS

    - Secretary: Virginie GAIGNIER

Address and opening hours


The MAJESTIC GALLERY - 29 Rue du Pont - 53150 MONTSURS

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.,

one Sunday a month from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In December the gallery is open the first 3 Sundays of the month from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Outside these hours, the works can be viewed by appointment on 07 60 45 80 77.

Every year, the gallery closes from July 14 to September 13 inclusive.