Immerse yourself in the captivating world of contemporary art


      The Grande Expo Internationale 2024 will be open to the public

      from Friday December 13, 2024 to Saturday January 25, 2025.

      Wednesday to Saturday: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

      Sundays December 15, 22 and 29, 2024: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


      2 exhibition locations:

      Town Hall - 151 rue de St Céneré

      Galerie Majestic Gallery - 29 rue du Pont


      The opening will take place in the magnificent Majestic Cinema room, which can accommodate 300 people seated. This opening, in the presence of local elected officials, artists, partners and volunteers, is open to the public and free.


      The award ceremony to the artists will take place on Sunday January 26, 2025 in the presence of the artists, partners and sponsors and volunteers.


      To date, the following prices have already been planned:

      * City Price

      * Senate Medal

      * Universe of Arts Prize

      *Giant of Fine Arts Prize

      *Crédit Mutuel price

      *Price of the Thuillier Gallery - Marais - Paris

      *Luxeuil-les-Bains Art and Heritage Prize

      *Arts Letters Prize

      *Price from the Salon de la Rochelle

      *Price of the Jardin du Bois Fleuri. Yvré-le-Pôlin

      *Price from the Wetpaint Gallery LONDON

      * Price from the Purificato-Zero gallery in ROME

      *MGM Grande Expo 2024 price painting section

      *MGM Grande Expo 2024 Prize sculpture section

      *Public prize in the painting section

      *Public prize sculpture section


      More information later


      Artists you wish to apply? 

      Record attendance compared to previous years. More than 250 people at the openings. 73 artists. 177 works, 400 catalogs distributed. And more and more partners gathered for the award ceremony to artists on January 28, 2024

      * City Prize: Véronique Lesage , sculptor

      * Senate Medal: Catherine Villermé , painter

      * Universe of Arts Prize: Yves de l’Avouillette , painter

      *Hope Prize from Miroir de l’Art magazine: Johell , painter,

      *Giant of Fine Arts Prize: Christian Gill, painter,

      *Crédit Mutuel Prize: Frédérique Chabin Rivière, painter,

      * Luxeuil-les-Bains Art and Heritage Prize: Alessandra Viotti, painter,

      *Arts Lettres Prize: Véronique Dumont, sculptor,

      *La Rochelle Salon Prize: Cédric Wittebolle , sculptor,

      *Price of the Jardin du Bois Fleuri. Yvré-le-Pôlin: Daniel Olivier, painter,

      *Prize from the Wetpaint Gallery London painting section: Sanchae

      *Prize from the Wetpaint Gallery London sculpture section: Marie Fang

      *MGM Grande Expo 2023 Prize painting section: Frédérique Samama

      *MGM Grande Expo 2023 Prize sculpture section: Pascal Chesneau

      *Public prize in the painting section: Sylvie Julkowski

      *Public prize sculpture section: Josiane Cantin

      A look back at the Grande Expo 2023 
    • THE GREAT EXPO 2022

      The Grande Expo had a record amount of sales.

      200 people at the opening on December 2, 2022 with 46 artists present or represented and partners gathered for the award ceremony to the artists on January 29, 2023

      * City Prize: Jean-François MORRO , painter
      * Hope of the Mirror of Art Prize: AKIL
      * Crédit Mutuel Favorite Prize: Daniel OLIVIER
      *Giant of Fine Arts Prize: Alias ​​LEBAUDY
      * Luxeuil-les-Bains Art and Heritage Prize: Lise DEL MEDICO
      * La Rochelle International Exhibition Prize: Bruno LEON
      * Wetpaint Gallery painting prize in London: Corinne CESCA
      * Wetpaint Gallery London Sculpture Prize: YBAH
      * Painting prize from the Galerie du 12: Nathalie TRAVAILLARD
      *Sculpture prize from the Galerie du 12: Nicolas JOUET
      * MGM painting prize: Christiane GILBERT
      * MGM sculpture prize: François-Xavier PINEAU
      * Painting public prize: Daniel CONVENANT
      * Public sculpture prize: NATALINA

      * Special Prize for Remarkable Technique MGM: Eva VISNA

      A look back at the Grande Expo 2022 
    • Grande Exposition 2021

      THE GREAT EXPO 2021

      The annual Great Expo brought together 102 works by 36 European artists from December 1, 2021 to January 30, 2022. A hundred people at the opening and just as many at the artists' awards ceremony which took place in the presence of the public and partners on the 30 January 20022.

      * City Prize: Philippe DRIX , photographer

      * Crédit Mutuel Favorite Prize: Rachel LAUNAY , sculptor

      * Prix du Géant des Beaux-Arts: Catherine VILLA , painter.

      * Price of the MGM painting: OMARI

      * MGM Sculpture Prize: Adeline MONTASSIER

      * Painting public prize: Cynthia EVERS

      * Sculpture Public Prize: Laure POLIN

    • THE GREAT EXPO 2020

      19 artists for 2.5 months (due to Covid 19)

      * City Prize: Nicolas Toy , sculptor

      * Prix du Géant des Beaux-Arts: Corinne Cesca , monotype prints

      * MGM Prize: Myriam Grisez

      * Audience award: Xavier de Calonne

    • THE GREAT EXPO 2019

      An exhibition placed under the sign of Christmas with the professional artists who are members of the association

    • SEPT/OCT 2019 "TOGETHER" Inauguration of the Atelier-Gallery

      The Majestic Gallery Montsûrs, inaugurated its new premises on Friday, September 13, 2019.

      Artists and volunteers introduced the brand new Art Gallery, with a collective exhibition "TOGETHER" of professional artists who are members of the association.

    • THE GREAT EXPO 2018

      The Majestic Gallery Montsûrs organized its first BIG COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION in the premises of the Cinema, another section of the main entity of the association "LE MAJESTIC"