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  • The Great International Expo 2023

    from December 1, 2023 to January 27, 2024


    The following prizes will be awarded to the winners :

    - PRIZE OF THE CITY (purchase of a work) (Jury: the City of Montsûrs)

    - ESPOIR PRIZE awarded by Ludovic DUHAMEL director of publication of the MIROIR DE L'ART magazine: a full page in the magazine (Jury: Mirror of Art) - Value €1,000

    - UNIVERS DES ARTS PRIZE awarded by Jean-Louis AVRIL, publication director of the UNIVERS DES ARTS review; a full page in the magazine (Jury: Univers des Arts) - Value €1,000

    - FAVORITE PRIZE OF CREDIT MUTUEL (cheque for €300 - Jury: Crédit Mutuel) submitted by the Board of Directors

    - GIANT DES BEAUX-ARTS PRIZE awarded by Joel Kempf, association relations manager, a €100 voucher (Jury: The Giant of Fine Arts)

    - PRIZE OF THE GRANDE EXPO 2023 One year of free publication on the website of the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs with the possibility of selling works (Jury: MGM)

    - LA ROCHELLE INTERNATIONAL SALON PRIZE : Invitation to exhibit for free at the Château de Lagord in 2024 (Charente Maritime) (Jury: members of the La Rochelle Salon)

    - PRIZE ARTS AND HERITAGE AT THE SALON DE LUXEUIL-LES-BAINS (Haute-Saône) : Invitation to exhibit free of charge at the Art et Patrimoine 2024 fair (Jury: association Art dans la rue de Luxeuil-les-Bains)

    - PRIZE OF THE JARDINS DU BOIS FLEURI (Sarthe) : Invitation to exhibit free of charge at the international fair of YVRE-LE-POLIN in 2024 (Jury: association Jardins du Bois Fleuri)

    - ARTS METTRES MUSIQUE Prize (Haute-Garonne) : Invitation to exhibit for free at a competition exhibition in the MAGE Gallery in Toulouse in October 2024 (Jury: Delegate of Arts Lettres Musique de Toulouse)

    - PAINTING PRIZE AND SCULPTURE PRIZE FROM THE WETPAINT GALLERY IN LONDON : an exhibition proposal for each winner chosen by the gallery at a fair in France or abroad.

    - PAINTING PRIZE AND SCULPTURE PRIZE OF THE GALERIE DU 12 (Orne) : an exhibition proposal for each winner chosen by the Galerie du 12 in Domfront-en-poiraie




    The various members of the juries (except for the Grande Expo 2023 prize) are independent of the association. Each partner appoints its own jury and travels or is represented for the prizes to the winners which takes place at the end of January.


    Professional artists who are volunteer members of the association and who exhibit for this Grande Expo are eligible for all prizes except the Prix de la Grande Expo 2023.


    The public who comes to vote for their favorite sculptor and painter will be able to submit their ballot for a draw which will take place on February 2024: to win a signed work with its certificate of authenticity.

    Very soon more information


    The Grande Expo broke records on all fronts: number of artists, number of visitors, sales and amount of sales. We were fortunate to have more than 200 people at the opening on December 2, 2022 with 46 artists present or represented and great partners gathered for the artists' awards ceremony on January 29, 2023

    * City Prize: Jean-François MORRO , painter
    * Hope Prize of the Mirror of Art: AKIL
    * Crédit Mutuel Favorite Award: Daniel OLIVIER
    * Giant of Fine Arts Prize: Alias ​​LEBAUDY
    * Luxeuil-les-Bains Art and Heritage Prize: Lise DEL MEDICO
    * Prize of the International Fair of La Rochelle: Bruno LEON
    * Wetpaint Gallery painting prize in London: Corinne CESCA
    * Wetpaint Gallery London Sculpture Prize: YBAH
    * Painting Prize of the Galerie du 12: Nathalie TRAVAILLARD
    *Galerie du 12 Sculpture Prize: Nicolas JOUET
    * Encouragement prize of the gallery of 12: Nathalie RUBLIER
    * MGM Painting Prize: Christiane GILBERT
    * MGM Sculpture Prize: François-Xavier PINEAU
    * Painting public prize: Daniel CONVENANT
    * Sculpture Public Prize: NATALINA

    * Special Prize for Remarkable Technique MGM: Eva VISNA

  • Grande Exposition 2021


    The annual Great Expo brought together 102 works by 36 European artists from December 1, 2021 to January 30, 2022. A hundred people at the opening and just as many at the artists' awards ceremony which took place in the presence of the public and partners on the 30 January 20022.

    * City Prize: Philippe DRIX , photographer

    * Crédit Mutuel Favorite Prize: Rachel LAUNAY , sculptor

    * Prix du Géant des Beaux-Arts: Catherine VILLA , painter.

    * Price of the MGM painting: OMARI

    * MGM Sculpture Prize: Adeline MONTASSIER

    * Painting public prize: Cynthia EVERS

    * Sculpture Public Prize: Laure POLIN


    19 artists for 2.5 months (due to Covid 19)

    * City Prize: Nicolas Toy , sculptor

    * Prix du Géant des Beaux-Arts: Corinne Cesca , monotype prints

    * MGM Prize: Myriam Grisez

    * Audience award: Xavier de Calonne


    An exhibition placed under the sign of Christmas with the professional artists who are members of the association

  • SEPT/OCT 2019 "TOGETHER" Inauguration of the Atelier-Gallery

    The Majestic Gallery Montsûrs, inaugurated its new premises on Friday, September 13, 2019.

    Artists and volunteers introduced the brand new Art Gallery, with a collective exhibition "TOGETHER" of professional artists who are members of the association.


    The Majestic Gallery Montsûrs organized its first BIG COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION in the premises of the Cinema, another section of the main entity of the association "LE MAJESTIC"

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