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  • Congratulations to the gallery and its evolution and especially to all these volunteers of the association and its members. What a magnificent gallery. I was able to exhibit it at the very beginning of its creation with my friends and my dad and I would have really wanted to be among you to experience its magnificent evolution.
    I'm sending you some warmth and sunshine from French Polynesia where I now reside. Good luck to all

    Christophe Quaillet - Painter (01/11/2024)


    Thank you for your welcome, the communicative energy of the volunteer team. Your professionalism, your commitment to Art. I am very happy to participate in this major international exhibition 2023.

    Floriane Gorzkowska - Painter (4/01/2024)


    Even if I haven't had the opportunity to visit you yet, the very positive feedback from my friends and some artists I know from Facebook and Instagram reassures me in the idea that my paintings are in a very beautiful place . I am therefore very happy with this collaboration during the major international exhibition and will be very happy to be able to meet you during the dismantling of the exhibition. Sincerely,

    CRANNPIORR'ART - Painter (4/01/2024)


    All my best wishes for this new year 2024 which is beginning and a big thank you for everything the team does for the artists!

    Joëlle Troussier - Painter (01/2/2024)


    I wish the entire Majestic Gallery team all the best for the year 2024! As Vassili Kandinsky said so well: “Painting is an art and art as a whole is not a vain creation of objects which are lost in the void, but a power which has a purpose and must serve to evolution and refinement of the human soul."

    Paule Candela (12/31/2023)


    ... your exhibition is remarkably organized. I have no doubt that for the next editions it will be even higher. Thank you for your generosity, your infectious enthusiasm and your good humor. An artist cannot dream of anything better than such an exhibition. Best regards,

    Savina GILLES DE PELICHY - Sculptor (12/29/2023)


    French-speaking painter and comic strip creator living in London, I was impressed by the quality of your previous exhibition and by the value you place on artists and their work, which is why I would like to make my modest contribution to your catalog .

    Bison Milambo - Painter (29-12-2023)


    Sincerely THANK YOU for what you do to promote recognized talents as well as others that are still confidential. You are paving a beautiful path for everyone. I wish you a year 2024 that is at least as successful as last year. Kind regards

    Christine Glasses and Fusion Artist (12/23/2023)


    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your energy and your successes because MGM is now establishing itself in the artistic landscape. Thanks again.

    Catherine Villermé - Painter (09/19/2023)


    Congratulations for all this energy and the fervor with which you and all the volunteers carry out this beautiful project of the Grande Expo 2023. This year is a special year for the “small” gallery of Montsûrs… We will have to expand the city if that continuous !!! Really congratulations for your commitment. Artistically yours,

    Eric Dubarry - Painter (09/14/203)


    It’s incredible, you’re doing an amazing job! Congratulations.

    Jean-Jacques Layeux (09/14/2023)


    Bravo to this unique gallery managed with so much respect and openness. It's a gallery that makes everyone love art and that suits me so well. Thank you Catherine and the whole team.

    Marie-Christine David - Glass&Fusion Sculptor (June 17, 2023)


    I would like to say that the Majestic Gallery is led by Catherine Guillet with a masterful hand. I thank her greatly, her and all her staff of volunteers as well as Guy from the newspaper Ouest France. Thank you for your extraordinary and warm welcome.
    A little word to Marie Christine David with whom I share this space with great pleasure.

    Daniel CONVENANT - painter (June 16, 2023)


    I thank you for your seriousness, I would like to congratulate you for your efficiency and your determination!

    Jacques DONNAY - Belgian painter (February 24, 2023)


    Many thanks for this superb exhibition! For the professionalism and kindness of all. Catherine's opening speech is now circulating in Belgium where it impresses a number of artists. I must say that I have never heard a gallery owner understand so well the life and feelings of the artists he presents! I also discovered Mayenne, a region that I didn't know and where I still have lots of things to discover. I was also contacted to exhibit in Vendée. Thanks again for everything,
    Martine MAGRITTE - Sculptor (February 9, 2023)


    Following the opening, I wanted to congratulate you on your speech which aroused a lot of emotion and beautiful things. Well done, I think it’s the first time I’ve heard such a beautiful, sincere and profound speech. Looking forward to it

    Fabienne GOUBAUD - Painter (December 19, 2022)


    A very big thank you for your welcome at the Majestic Gallery, a very wonderful organization and dedication on the part of all the volunteers. The speech was very moving!

    Nathalie CUILLIER - Sculptor (December 4, 2022)


    This little note, because I wanted to thank you for the wonderful organization of this show at the gallery! I was very touched yesterday by your speech which gives pride of place to artists, we feel that you are close to them, that you love them and we feel understood and supported. Thank you for the beautiful person that you are, and for bringing art to life with so much dedication and passion. There was a lot of presence and human warmth in each of the interventions and it warms the heart!

    Lise Del Medico - Sculptor (December 3, 2022)


    Hello Madam, first of all allow me to thank you for your
    warm welcome, pleasant moments that you offer in your gallery and
    eclectic choices from your artists. The peaceful and luminous moments of Friday boosted my heart and my imagination; be sincerely thanked.

    Dr Marie-Céline ANTOINE (June 13, 2022)


    A little note to thank you for your welcome and the kindness of the whole team as well as the helping hand with unloading, hanging, and loading the paintings.
    I wish you a very beautiful and good exhibition for May and for all the others that you organize. See you soon !
    Mati - Painter (May 2022)


    Bravo for this virtual showcase which will allow the Majestic gallery of Montsûrs, a bold initiative, to be better known!

    Pierre-Luc Moreau (April 2022)


    I wanted to thank you for the surprises from you, as an artist participating in the big exhibition in your gallery. It's always nice and the big bag is very useful!

    I look forward to continuing to work with you, starting with getting your website up and running. Thank you for all the welcome you give and your kindness.

    See you soon

    Sophie Lecesne (painter February 2021)


    Many thanks for your work and welcome.

    I immediately felt at ease.

    You have a great team serving art.

    I was happy with my time at MGM. Too bad it’s so far away for an Alsatian.

    Pleased to see you again.


    GEKA (Painter) 2021


    Thank you to all the volunteers who brought together so much talent in your beautiful Gallery (let's not be too modest)

    And thank you also to Sandra for her text so...colorful, inspired by my paintings, text that I will insert in my blog

    Looking forward to a future meeting, best regards

    Anne-Marie Bernardi (Painter) 2021


    Doing for the sake of doing is not doing: above all, things must make sense!

    And at the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs, they have them, thanks to a team of volunteers who are more professional than the pros, who really love the artists, who (really) respect them, and who (really) do everything possible to ensure that they work in the best conditions.

    I could say tons but that would embarrass many organizers whose primary goal is above all to rely on artists to promote their events.

    From time to time, you have to say what is.

    So from the bottom of my heart: thank you to Catherine, manager of the gallery, and to the entire team of volunteers for these beautiful weeks of exhibition which ended yesterday under an extraordinary Mayenne light, thus punctuating the kindness, the quality, the truth of a sincere artistic action.

    We would like to always feel respected like in this gallery. We would like artists to always be pampered like this, wherever they exhibit.

    Véronique Chambeau (Sculptor) 2021


    Thank you to Majestic Gallery Montsûrs for all the attention you pay to our artistic creations and a big thank you to the organization and volunteers

    Laurence Royer (Painter) 2021


    Opening reception (hidden) but very friendly, thank you all for your welcome, a big thank you to the volunteers who give their time and share their smiles, see you soon.

    Thank you Madam for this beautiful exhibition, your warm welcome, thank you to your entire team. And also thank you for the closing gift, I had never experienced this gesture in any of the exhibitions I frequent and finally I love the wink in these masked days “Sketch a smile” THANK YOU”

    Patrick Marguet (Painter Artist) 2021


    The Great Expo 2021

    I was at the opening and it’s a great exhibition. Go for it without hesitation

    Marie-Pierre Boutfol Péron (Dec 2021)


    Thank you to the Majestic Gallery in Montsûrs for welcoming the artists and this beautiful report which very well captures this moment of sharing at the heart of the works.

    AKIL (Painter Artist Oct 2021)


    Workshop emptied today, around thirty works traveled with me today, to meet the great organizers who manage the Majestic Gallery in Montsûrs, a lot of driving but great day!

    Charlotte Baston (Painter March 30, 2021)


    I will participate in this beautiful and exciting exhibition. Thanks to Catherine Guillet.

    MIGAS CHELSKY (painter Nov 2020)


    …superb gallery, great approach but really a shame that you are so far away!

    Best wishes.

    Zabeth Élisa Freudenreich (Oct 2020- Amiens)


    Very happy to exhibit at Majestic Gallery Montsûrs and to be welcomed by this friendly and caring team

    Nathalie Travaillard (Painter Oct 2020)


    ‌We send you our thanks and our warmest congratulations for the artists you received last night, thank you also for your warm welcome.
    We had a very pleasant time and Ybah was very generous in her explanations. His work is remarkable.
    It is with pleasure that we will come or promote your gallery.
    Jean and Maryvonne Foison (Feb 2020)


    Thank you for this beautiful evening. Thank you to the artists for their superb creations.

    MGM is worth the detour!

    I will come back....

    Arlette Tual (January 2020)


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