• Only works with their certificate of authenticity guarantee their authenticity and the legitimate ownership of those who own them.

    The certificate of authenticity is an essential sesame that accompanies the paid sales invoice for a work.

    The certificate of authenticity allows the owner to have his property appraised or to carry out a resale transaction. This document is mandatory to establish that a creation is authentic and has been formally produced by the artist who signed.

    It makes it possible to evaluate the work independently of its material value such as the size and the techniques and materials. The invoice does not dispense with the certificate of authenticity, which takes its value according to the future or current notoriety of the artist (allows the value of the work to be assessed over the years, especially when the artist is or will become side)

    In addition, the certificate must be signed by the hand of the artist to ensure the buyer and his successors in title to have an original impression of the certificate of authenticity. It is issued after full payment for the work.