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    To continue to carry out its action for art within everyone's reach, and the promotion of the town of Montsûrs in general, the association is seeking partners. Nothing would be possible in part without the unconditional support of the Municipality of Montsûrs. But for the association to continue throughout the year, and especially the annual Great Expo which attracts so many artists and visitors for two months, we need all our private or public sponsors.

    Supporting the Great Annual Expo is :

    - Promote free access to the discovery of art for all;
    - Contribute to the realization of a quality artistic and cultural project in rural areas;
    - Contribute to the influence of a gallery now known to professional artists at the national and international levels in order to publicize the City and establish its cultural image;
    - Defend creativity and the will to transmit and share that guide all of our actions.
    - Share moments of emotion and pleasure;
    - Encourage new talents and bring to our territory talents of national or international stature;
    - Give visibility to your company on the various communication media.

    TO KNOW :

    The law of August 1, 2003, relating to patronage, associations and foundations, makes it possible to encourage private initiatives, whether by companies or by individual citizens. This law applies to all causes of general interest, in particular educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, family sports and, of course, cultural. The tax incentive is very attractive and applies to donations from both individuals and companies: 60% tax reduction!

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    • Town of Montsurs

      Nothing would be possible without the unconditional support of the City of Montsûrs which helps us as closely as possible throughout the year.

      For three years now, the City has offered its prize to the Grande Expo by buying a work from a winning artist.

      Discover the town of Montsûrs 
    • Miroir de l'Art

      Miroir de l’Art references the best of art today and for twenty years has strived to highlight the greatest artists. The magazine is offering the Espoir Prize for the second time. A partnership which highlights the quality of the artists exhibited here._


      Like last year Ludovic Duhamel director of Auréoline editions presents the prize in person to the winning artist of the 2023 edition

      Discover Mirror of Art 
    • Univers des Arts

      This contemporary art magazine of national and international notoriety, well known to professionals and art lovers, is present in the largest salons in France which share their presentation in its columns.
      The Majestic Gallery is now collaborating with this essential magazine.

      Five pages entirely dedicated to our Exhibition appeared in issue 213 Fall 2023 (circulation 40,000 copies).

      Discover the magazine Univers des Arts 
    • The Giant of Fine Arts

      An essential partner of major French artistic events, the Géant des Beaux-Arts has supported us from the start by distributing gifts to all the participants of the Grande Expo and by offering a voucher to the winning artist.

      Discover the Giant of Fine Arts 
    • Mutual credit

      The Caisse du Crédit Mutuel de Montsûrs Evron and its Board of Directors have supported us since the creation of the gallery.


      As in previous years, the Caisse's Board of Directors votes an envelope of 300 euros that the branch manager and the director of the Board of Directors will give to the winner they have designated. THANK YOU

      Discover Crédit Mutuel 
    • Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine

      The members of the Board of Directors of the Agence de Montsûrs support us in the development of our projects (such as that of the website) but also in the delivery of our prizes in cash to the Laureate Artists.

      Discover Crédit Agricole 
    • Wetpaint Gallery

      London Rd, Stroud GL6 8NR, United Kingdom

      Celia Wickham

      An exceptional partnership that allows some artists visiting us to glimpse other horizons


      The Wetpaint Gallery awards a painting prize and a sculpture prize during the Grande Expo and allows award-winning artists to exhibit in a salon chosen by Celia Wickham, in France or abroad.

      Discover the Wetpaint Gallery 
    • Art and Heritage

      With more than 30,000 visitors over a weekend, this Haute-Saône fair has worked hand in hand with the Majestic Gallery of Montsûrs to choose its artists since the creation of our gallery.


      For the Great International Expo, the association "L'Art dans la Rue" which organizes Art and Heritage is represented by its president in person, Jean-Jacques Bardenet who offers an exceptional prize to a winning artist: Invitation to exhibit for free for the show next year's international with three nights hotel accommodation.


      Discover Art and Heritage 
    • La Rochelle Plastic Arts Fair

      the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts in La Rochelle, created in 1980, welcomes more than 200 artists each year.


      For the Great International Expo 2022 Mr. Philippe Rat, President of the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts in La Rochelle presented his prize to the winner: An automatic selection to exhibit a work at the Convergenze "salon at the Palazio Rospiglioni in Rome-Zagarolo in Italy.

      In 2023 a sculpture prize will be awarded to the designated winner and will allow him an exhibition of 6 to 10 works at the Château de Lagord in Charente-Maritime.


      Discover The Plastic Arts Fair of La Rochelle 


      is an Online Gallery Space for artists whose works are exhibited online, but also in the field


      Patricia Barichello-H, organizer and delegate of Arts and Letters of France for Toulouse will award the "ArtsLettresMusique" prize to a winner of the Grande Expo Internationale, an exhibition in the Toulouse region.

    • Flower Wood Garden

      Each year the Jardin du Bois Fleuri association organizes an international painting and sculpture fair in the town of Yvré-le-Polin in Sarthe.

      The objective of Philippe Bureau its president is to put, like us, in relation partners and artists. The partnership seemed obvious.

      Discover the 10th International Exhibition of the Jardin du Bois Fleuri 
    • Cinéma Le Majestic

      Our friends from Cinema "Le Majestic" are part of the same association as us. Mutual aid is essential and we thank them for their announcements and the punctual help they bring to us.

      Discover the Montsûrs Cinema 
    • Montsûrs Festival Committee

      Because when we help each other we are much stronger, this friendly and generous partnership works in both directions, according to the needs of each person. The experience of the Festival Committee is of invaluable help to us throughout the year.

      Discover the Festival Committee 
    • And’Art

      The Atelier Chalot and their Association Andoléenne d'Art which has been organizing a biennial since 2014 in Andouille (Mayenne) regularly support the Majestic Gallery for the Great Annual Expo

      Discover Atelier Chalot and And'Art 
    • Bourgon Castle

      Experience castle life near Montsûrs, for a night or a weekend at the Château de Bourgon, setting of the Hundred Years' War. Our partners at the Grande Expo Internationale 2022, Isabelle and Alain Ducatillon, welcome you for a stay of elegance, timeless. Between dream and simplicity, the hostess will thrill your taste buds.


      For the Major International Expos, the Château de Bourgon offers accommodation and board to several of our partners who come from far away.

      All year round our hosts pamper our artists and visitors.



      Category: Rooms with breakfast and table d'hôtes

      Bourgon Castle 
    • The Château de Hauterives

      Of medieval origin, this castle offers guest rooms in the exceptional setting of French gardens. Private receptions, cocktails, seminars.

      Previously owned by the Fitzgeralds and the Montalemberts, today it is Roxane de Longpré who welcomes you in her tastefully furnished rooms, in the 18th century style, which combine modern comfort with the charm of yesteryear.


      Throughout the year, the Château de Hauterives offers advantageous booking conditions to our visitors and artists. (inquire at the gallery ). THANK YOU


      Category: Rooms with breakfast

      Hauterives Castle 
    • The Green Cross

      For almost thirty years, the Hotel-Restaurant La Croix Verte has welcomed you to its establishment a few minutes from Montsûrs. Our partner Grande Expo Internationale 2022 welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting. Comfortable rooms, traditional and sophisticated cuisine.


      For the Major International Expos, the Château de Bourgon offers rooms to several of our partners from far away.


      Throughout the year, the Hôtel de la Croix Verte upgrades when possible, and pampers our artists who stay there.



      Category: Hotels-Restaurants

      Hôtel Restaurant La Croix Verte 

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