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Contemporary art and the role of the Majestic Gallery

What is contemporary art?

Contemporary art refers to all the artistic practices and creative expressions produced in the current era, thus reflecting the concerns, values, techniques and aesthetics of our time. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, ranging from painting, sculpture, and photography to more experimental forms such as digital art, video, installation, and performance. Contemporary art is often characterized by its exploration of social, cultural, political and technological subjects, as well as its engagement with new ideas and new forms of expression, but not only... Contemporary art, for some evokes only renewal. There are as many definitions as there are visions.

Contemporary art seen by the Majestic Gallery

Contemporary art is for the Majestic Gallery, above all, an art made by a living artist, whatever his tendency. The revival is not necessarily contemporary, art like history is an eternal restart: do we not see appearing, it is clear, artists, certainly very talented, take up master paintings by assigning them other more current symbols.

The Majestic Gallery Montsûrs has only one idea: the contemporary art it promotes must come from the imagination or the talent of an artist, whatever his style, thus eclecticism is preserved. She refrains from conceptual art which is not in her vision of art tout court, everyone has their rights, and vulgar art, although vulgarity is subjective.

The role of galleries in the dissemination of contemporary art

Galleries play an essential role in the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art, especially for artists less known to the general public or collectors. Here are some of the activities that galleries undertake to support and promote these artists:

Individual and collective exhibitions

The galleries organize exhibitions of contemporary artists, both individually and in groups. This allows artists to present their work in a professional context, providing increased visibility and opportunities for interaction with the public.
The Majestic Gallery makes it possible to exhibit artists from France or abroad, in themed exhibitions, solo exhibitions and even through a fair called "La Grande Expo Internationale" which each year, thanks to local and national partners rewards winners.

The promotion platforms provided by the Majestic Gallery

Galleries provide a dedicated platform for artists to present their works, their artistic journey and their vision. This can be through exhibition catalogs, websites or social networks.
Thus the Majestic Gallery allows you to find the artists who trust it on its website, on its Facebook page on Instagram and X (ex Twitter) but also on many other advertising media

Relations with collectors

Galleries maintain relationships with private collectors, art lovers and art institutions. They play an intermediary role in connecting artists with potential buyers, which can promote the sale of works of art and the creation of long-term relationships.
The Majestic Gallery works in collaboration with several international fairs and other galleries in order to expand the popularity of its artists. Some of these galleries play a role at national and international contemporary art fairs that attract a wide variety of art professionals, which can increase artists' visibility and expand their network.

Cultural mediation

The Majestic Gallery organizes events such as vernissages to meet the artists. It allows the public to deepen their understanding of the works and the creative process, by giving the floor to the artists during the inaugurations of each exhibition and thus contributes to broadening the appreciation of contemporary art.

Artistic and professional support

Galleries offer artists practical and professional support, such as advice on career management, the production of works and the setting up of exhibitions.
While being an associative gallery, the Majestic Gallery is a very professional gallery, due to the professions previously exercised, by some of its members and by the professional artists who are part of the volunteers. She knows how to listen to the artists and tries to help them, for those who feel the need, without directing or exclusivity required.

Promotion and enhancement of artists

The Majestic Gallery plays a crucial role in promoting and showcasing the lesser-known contemporary artists it exhibits, as well as the better-known ones it welcomes, by offering them opportunities for exhibition, visibility, sales and professional development, thus contributing to enrich the current artistic landscape.

The works of the artists of the Majestic Gallery