In September 2022 the Gallery inaugurated its 1st empty workshops

The artists :
- Karen Marre
- Marie-Claire Pinson (permanent member of the site)
- Marie-Claire Ricaux
- Myriam Grisez (permanent member of the site)
- Nathalie Laborard (permanent member of the site)
- Jacques Guillet  (permanent member of the site)
- Jean Quaillet  (permanent member of the site)
- Jean-Francois Morro
- Mathias Zamanyan (permanent member of the site)
- Philippe Ricoux


From September 15 to October 2, 2022, ten painters emptied their studios and offered works at knockdown prices. More than two hundred canvases were thus made available to visitors who could search and discover their favourite. Many paintings have thus found a new home. An experience that will probably be repeated in July 2023

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