Retour en images sur la Grande Expo 2021

Back in pictures on the Grande Expo 2021

The crowd at the opening
Madame Senator Elisabeth Doineau, Mr. President of Mayenne Culture Benoît Lion, Mayor Benoît Quintard and the volunteers
Mr. Mayor and Mr. President of the Community of Communes Joël Balandraud
An attentive audience
Buffet under marquee (Covid-19 obliges)
City Prize awarded to Philippe Drix (purchase of the work)
Prix ​​du Géant des Beaux-Arts awarded to Catherine VILLA (100 € voucher)
Crédit Mutuel Favorite Prize awarded to Rachel Launay (€300)
MGM painting prize awarded to OMARI (cheque €100)
and many other prizes....
Photo credit G.Taupin, voluntary photographer of the association. THANKS
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