Collection: AKIL

The artist has exhibited several times at the Majestic Gallery: a personal exhibition in 2021 then for the Great Collective Exhibitions. In 2022 he was awarded the Prix Espoir by our partner "Miroir de L'Art".

"Connecting nature to the soul and the soul to nature, my path as a painter". This winding journey is a quest for meaning that has led Akil to travel the world to discover wide open spaces and new cultures. , of a horizon that moves and opens the painter's gaze, a world that he internalizes then restores, carried by the emotions that inspire the gesture.

Some of his exhibitions :
- Salon Comparaisons, Art Capital Paris (75) - 2022 and 2023.
- Gallery K, personal exhibition – Le Mans (72)
- 49 Looks – Trélazé (49)
- Autumn Fair – Grande Halle de la Villette Paris (75)
- Salon des Beaux-Arts – Orangery of the Senate Paris (75)
- Artcité 2022 – Fontenay-sous-Bois (94) –
- 2022 Jury Prize at the Saint-Céneri Meetings (61)
- Salon des Beaux-Arts – Boulogne-Billancourt (91).
- Atelier de la Place, personal exhibition – Le Mans (72), etc..

Partnerships : - In Japan, with the silk museum of Tomioka classified as World Heritage by Unesco - In France, collaboration with Karinn Helbert, musician (crystal organ). Original compositions inspired by a selection of paintings.

Private collections: France, England, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong

Member of the Taylor Foundation - School of Fine Arts of Le Mans