Collection: BEVIN Jo

Born in Moselle, the artist specializes in hyperrealism, she uses oil, acrylic and pastel to create captivating animal paintings, highlighting the depth of gazes, particularly those of dogs. In addition to her artistic talent, she is also a music teacher and state-certified coordinator, teaching music and painting to a diverse audience.

  • Member of the French Renaissance, ( Silver Medal for Cultural Outreach)
  • Member of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris. (Silver medal and Vermeil medal),
  • Member of the Society of Francophone Authors and Artists. (Silver medal),
  • Member of the Pastellists of France.

The latest exhibitions:


  • The Great International Expo 2023 MGM Montsûrs (53)
  • Art Capital at the Grand Palais in PARIS (2022 & 2023)
  • Exhibitions in Rome, Italy, Corsica, Switzerland, South Korea
  • Several monthly exhibitions and shows
  • 3rd prize at the ARTLOOKON International Exhibition


  • Favorite price at Vouvant Mélusin'art (85)
  • Special jury prize at Château de Dissay (86)
  • Exhibition in Belgium and Corsica
  • Prize for excellence in portraiture at the La Rochelle Arts Fair (17)
  • 3rd prize at the Châtelaillon show (17)
  • Gallery exhibition – Montsûrs (53)
  • 1st prize for oil at the Secondigny show (79)