Collection: CONVENANT Daniel

1993 – Hit by a stroke that left him hemiplegic for several months, he had to sell his exhibition stand design office created in 1981 and which has six employees. It's time for rebuilding. Daniel Convenant decides to devote himself entirely to painting, and it is from “the Tree” that he draws his strength. He organized his first personal exhibition in 1997 with no less than 60 paintings and in 1998 became a Gold Medalist at the Paris Salon. In 2008, based in Pont Aven, he broke away from figuration and his painting became more abstract and mystical. Returning to Versailles, he held exhibitions and fairs in France and also abroad: Germany – Canada -XI'AN (China) – Belgium – Miami – Canton – England – New York – Osaka – Tokyo – St Petersburg

"All my life I have drawn and I have devoted myself fully and professionally, for 30 years, to painting with my permanent questioning about the meaning of life... I work with bitumen which, itself, comes from a fossil fuel. This medium helps me to work faster and more spontaneously. My painting navigates between microcosm and Asian art with the only color that of bitumen. Its black depth, its warmth and the power it exudes allow me to go from harmony to explosion, from fragility to power, from softness to violence and appeasement when, like a calligrapher , my gesture is freed to convey a strong emotion because in my memory it has become essential. Daniel AGREEING

Gold medal at the Cercle des Arts fair in Paris * 3rd Painting Prize at the Puy en Velay fair * Bronze medal at the Moncton fair (Canada) * BOSO TATSUYA Prize at the Artistic & Literary meeting in Paris * Guest of honor at the Gouvieux fair * Medal from the Conseil de l'Oise * Gold Medal at Vittel * Honorary Prize at the Fontenay-le-Fleury fair * Guest of honor at the Arts Inter fair in Lyon * 3rd Painting Prize at the Puy le Velay fair * 1st Painting Prize Abstract at the Espace Peugeot in Paris * Medal of the deputy of the Croissy sur Seine fair * Special Mention of the Jury of the Rambouillet Biennale * Public Prize of the Biennale of Voisins le Bretonneux * Prize of the City of Versailles at the SVAIF fair * Jury Prize AR Talents fair in Guyancourt * Jury Prize Pouilly en Fumé Days * Grand Prize for Painting at the Rambouillet Biennale 2019 * Painting Prize at the Paris Autumn Fair 2021 - Guest of Honor at the Ecole Française 2022 fair

Graduated from the Boulle Art School and the Versailles School of Fine Arts.
Member of the Salon d'Automne in Paris, the Salon de l'Ecole Française and the TAYLOR Foundation