Collection: DION Sylvia

The captivating story of Sylvia DION opens with an unexpected destiny, sculpted by the hands of chance from an incident as trivial as a shoulder operation. This unexpected turn brought her a dismissal for incapacity, plunging her into a reality she had not anticipated. Like many faced with such upheaval, she found herself lost, unaware of the contours of what life had in store for her.

But, at the dawn of dark times, a glimmer of friendship lit his way. A friend reached out, offering Sylvia a small compact camera. This seemingly simple act would open the door to an extraordinary adventure, defining a new chapter in Sylvia's life.

With determination, she set out to fill the void of her time by exploring the trails along the Mayenne towpath, making her way to the peaceful shores of the Changé lake. It was there, at this point of convergence between water and land, that she had her first encounter with a discreet and mischievous inhabitant of the woods: a squirrel perched in a tree. In an instant, the spark was lit. The desire to dive into the world of these wild creatures, to understand their mysteries, and to share their daily lives, nestled deep within her, in a heartbeat.

Thus began an adventure that has lasted nine years. Nine years punctuated by magical moments spent in the company of nature and squirrels. It took eight months of persevering patience, eight hours a day, from the first light of morning, to win the confidence of these inhabitants of the shadows. Sylvia was there, quiet, respectful, and full of affection, watching them with the eyes of a caring friend. Today, Sylvia's friends, these hairy and delicate beings, cross the borders of caution to get closer to her. They dare to rummage through his bags, climb on his camera, and become silent actors in a choreography of complicity. Even the once suspicious birds now trust him. Sylvia has become a sort of modern Robinson Crusoe, a bridge between two worlds, a witness to the beauty and trust nature can place in humanity.

These magical moments also lit the way to new human encounters, passionate souls who share his fascination for fauna and flora. Thus, Sylvia's life is now woven with the threads of a complex weave, where living beings and natural elements mingle in a harmonious dance.

Sylvia's passion is not limited to photography, it embraces a deeper mission. The images captured through his lens are not simply snapshots, but open windows into the ephemeral beauty, freedom, and dignity of nature's secret inhabitants. Its purpose is a tribute to life, a silent declaration of its commitment to the preservation of these precious wild treasures.

Sylvia DION's story is a poignant reminder that unexpected paths can lead to the most precious treasures, and that every moment spent in communion with nature can awaken a profound transformation in the human soul.

Catherine Guillet