Collection: GILBERT Christiane

Painter for 20 years, three times awarded by the Arts-Sciences-Lettres Academy (diplomas and medals, Bronze, Tin and Silver in 2021) and in various salons, Christiane Gilbert takes us on a journey into a spontaneous, imaginary and fascinating universe. His sources of inspiration: the sea, nature, travel and galaxies. “With my creations, the invisible becomes visible,” she says. His canvases hide treasures of energy. His lyrical art and contemporary abstracts reflect the soul and sensitivity of the artist.

Among his exhibitions:

  • Price of the Floral Composition, International Fair of LA ROCHELLE (17)
  • MGM Painting Prize at La Grande Expo 2022
  • Special Jury Prize at the 2022 Spring Salon ARTLOOKONE Paris (75)
  • St Louis Chapel POITIERS (86)
  • Lez'Art - VOUVANT Gallery (85)
  • Gallery The Course of the Miracle VOUVANT (85)
  • Gallery La Grange De Camille COULON (79)
  • Jean Baptiste Theater CHAILLE LES MARAIS (85)
  • CHAURAY Temple (79)
  • Esquié Gallery LA ROCHELLE (17),
  • Gallery Thuillier PARIS (75),
  • Original Gallery LA ROCHE SUR YON (85)
  • Talent of HOLY women (17)
  • Priory St Nicolas LES SABLES D'OLONNE (85),