Collection: GILL Christian

A native of Montmartre, artistic expression was his daily life throughout his youth and the stage served as a support for his expression under the pseudonym of Christian Gill. Practicing drawing since always, in 2010, retired, he devotes his time to the acquisition of plastic art techniques, in the studio, and his exchanges with artists.

Christian Gill works the backgrounds either with a knife or a brush with pure acrylic without water and produces dry glazes by superimposing thin layers of paint. His expression is intended to be intuitive and the color is first and foremost a reflection of his emotion. It is she who will impose herself in abstract or figurative creations. The cosmic series reflects his fascination with energy, movement and light.

Christian Gill, passionate about cave paintings and the use of pigments, has developed a technique for gluing natural pigments either on gesso, allowing the creation of volumes of material, or on a freshly painted background. This technique preserves the luster and the natural texture of the pigment, allowing the material and the color to express themselves freely. The Indian ink or posca graphics accentuate the relief and suggest intertwined forms. His paintings are intended to be evocative but not directive, leaving the public with freedom of interpretation and emotion.