Collection: MORRO Jean-Francois

Jean-François Morro found the path to artistic passion 20 years ago. Self-taught, he was inspired by masters like Van Gogh and Egon Schiele, but now leans towards expressionism, focusing particularly on creating portraits. In addition to his painting, he thrives on his career as a tattoo artist. With great dexterity, he also excels in music, as a singer-songwriter. After a first Grande Expo then a solo exhibition at the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs, the artist became a full member of our association: He volunteers his time to painting courses for adults, takes on permanent duties

The latest exhibitions:

- “Regards” Majestic Gallery Montsûrs February 2023
- Prize for the Great International Expo City 2022 from the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs
- Est Galerie, Paris 11th (Figurative Destructuralism collective)
- Saulnières Library (35),
- Salon Art3F, Nantes (44),
- Visseiche Library (35)
- La Salorge Cultural Center, la Guerche de Bretagne (35)