Collection: MORRO Jean-François

Born in 1974 in Ernée (53), the artist doodles from primary education in the margins of his notebooks. From drawing, he moved on to painting at the beginning of his adult life and trained through books dealing with techniques and the history of art.
It was while living in Germany that he began to paint his first works after having copied the great masters. Two canvases will be exhibited at the Gemälde Hagen Gallery in Bonn. Back in France he begins to exhibit. His professional life directs him towards his second artistic passion: music and remains intermittent for ten years.

In 2012, he set foot in the world of tattooing with his shop, which he transformed into an art gallery, and started painting again. This gives rise to a new series of canvases based on the characters. Most often produced with a plain background, the canvases highlight the character of the subject or its movement, with a deliberately minimalist choice in the composition. Just the face, and a few lines suggesting the rest, giving elegance to a banal situation. Then he explodes the contours the movements, he deconstructs.

Latest exhibitions:

- "Regards" Majestic Gallery Montsûrs February 2023
- Prix de la Ville Grande Expo Internationale 2022 from the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs
- East Gallery, Paris 11th (collective Destructuralisme Figuratif)
- Library of Saulnières (35),
- Art3F Fair, Nantes (44),
- Library of Visseiche (35)
- La Salorge Cultural Center, la Guerche de Bretagne (35)