Collection: QUAILLET Jean

Originally from Gisors, in Normandy, Jean Quaillet, a former surveyor, began with watercolor lessons at the age of fourteen. For the Quaillets, painting is a family affair in which everyone has caught the brush virus. His profession as a surveyor leads the artist, who is still unaware of himself, to work on drawing. But the real adventure didn't begin until 2010. Tired of smoking, he decided to quit, bought the necessary equipment and started painting. The hands are busy and the mind no longer thinks of nicotine... The break will be short-lived, but the painting will take on capital importance. 

Tango lover and experienced it is quite naturally that his paintings have seen the birth of dancers with beautiful sensations of whirlwinds and chained steps. Dance is an interest that he then shares by chance with a writer who had a strong history with Abbé Pierre. She asks Jean Quaillet to paint her the portrait of the illustrious man of heart. The painting is noticed by Radio Fidélité which solicits the author for new works of Sacred Art. Since then, Jean Quaillet has produced the cover of Anne Porte's novels, and orients the choice of his subjects differently. He launched into portraits, always in oil, of famous people. The exhibitions follow one another. Jean is a co-founding member of the Majestic Gallery.