Collection: QUAILLET Jean

Jean Quaillet, originally from Gisors in Normandy, began to take an interest in painting at the age of fourteen with watercolor lessons. In his family, painting is a shared and transmitted passion, where everyone has been touched by the brush virus. His job as a surveyor led him to develop his drawing skills without considering himself an artist. However, it was in 2010, when he decided to quit smoking, that he really started painting. Occupying his hands and his mind, painting then became a primordial passion.

A tango lover, he naturally transposes his dance experiences into his paintings, capturing the swirls and linked steps of the dancers. By chance, he shared his interest in dance with a writer who had a significant experience with Abbé Pierre. The latter asks him to paint his portrait. The painting attracted the attention of Radio Fidélité who asked Jean Quaillet to create new works of Sacred Art.

Since then, Jean Quaillet has created the covers of Anne Porte's novels and has broadened the choice of his subjects, notably launching into portraits of famous people, always in oil. As a co-founding member of the gallery, he has been involved in the Majestic association for many years, helping to move projects forward. He also devotes time during school holidays to supervising artistic learning courses for children, thus participating in the transmission of knowledge, a value dear to the association.

The latest exhibitions:

  • Vouvant (Vendée)
  • Luxeuil-les-Bains (Haute-Saône).
  • The Fontaine-Daniel grocery store-bookstore (Mayenne)
  • Majestic Gallery Montsûrs (co-founding member)
  • Saint Pair sur Mer (Manche),
  • Bourny Laval neighborhood house (Mayenne)
  • Meslay of Maine (Mayenne)
  • Gisors (Eure)
  • Cholet (Maine-et-Loire)