Collection: POLIN Laura

If, by definition, a sculptor works and models space, when the artist sculpts, she perceives the space offered to her and of which her works must take possession. She does not shape her works from the outside, as a stone can be attacked by a chisel, but on the contrary Laure Polin shapes them from the very depths of their intimacy.

She does not perceive a fundamental difference between a form that we qualify as abstract or a form that we qualify as figurative. Whether she makes a bust, or creates an abstract sculpture inspired by an interior model, she simply seeks to create living forms.  A living form is a form in impulse, full, tenuous, which establishes a sound relationship with another form. A sculpture is a set of volumes that echo and hear each other. From this understanding harmony must be born.

His sculpture belongs to the domain of discovery. When Laure Polin sculpts she does not seek to illustrate a pre-established form but constructs a form which makes her recognize the feeling that I carry.

From 1990 to 2000 apprenticeship in sculpture Atelier Max Figerou, sculptor graduated from ENSBA. Technical modeling training, molding techniques within the framework of the ADAC. ENSBA modeling courses, ESAA Duperré “plastic expression” training, Casting technique training.

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