Collection: LEBON Thierry

Thierry LEBON creates paintings using the “mixed media” method, exploring various materials to provide texture and depth, skillfully playing with shadows. His favorite paint is acrylic, but he also allows himself to experiment with charcoal, pastels and ink. His way of painting is a constant dialogue between the canvas and himself, an interaction where everyone brings their vision for the next step. His inspiration comes from his environment, from nature of course, but also from architecture and sculpture.

Self-taught, he considers himself an eternal beginner, always in search of new techniques and new colors. He spends a lot of time studying the work of other painters to enrich his own creative process. He does not seek to transmit a message coming from his mind, his fantasies or his anger. His paintings, devoid of evocative titles, simply bear old Celtic first names. He thus invites anyone who comes across his works to live a personal experience, through which everyone can create a story imbued with an emotion that does not belong to them.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Artiz'Artistes - Jugon les lacs
  • Library - Pleaudien/Rance
  • Library - Les Herbiers
  • Municipal library - Erquy
  • gallery Le chat Perché - St Jacut de la mer
  • Online galleries: The Art Cycle & Balthasart
  • Artists’ Fair – Trélivan
  • Kastell Douar Pleslin Festival
  • Art on the Ilôt - Saint Laurent/Sèvre
  • Bojangles Bookstore - St Brieuc
  • Autumn Color - Coëtmieux
  • Salon Des Arts du Minihic (SDAM) - Minihic/Rance
  • Creative Arts Fair - Brusvily
  • Vendée Art Show Les Sables d’Olonne