Collection: MAGRITTE Martine

Martine Magritte, originally from Jumet in Belgium, began her artistic career as a student at the Lycée Royal d'Ixelles.

The artist was able to realize her vocation by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Namur, where she studied sculpture. She works mainly with materials such as stone, wood, bronze, and sometimes metal. For her, sculpture is a way to explore her inner dialogue with matter, a deeply personal artistic expression.

Martine Magritte's work is characterized by its exploration of the essential beyond conventions. She is not limited to a specific artistic style, oscillating between abstraction and figuration depending on her inspiration and her relationship with the material. According to her, the material itself has an intrinsic energy that guides the hands of the sculptor, creating a unique alchemy in the creative process.

Martine Magritte has exhibited her works in numerous galleries and exhibitions in Belgium and abroad, and her sculptures now appear in prestigious private collections around the world, notably in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain , France, Italy, United States, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, India (Goa), Vietnam, among others. His artistic work transcends borders and continues to inspire the art world internationally.