Collection: PINSON Marie-Claire

Passionate about art since adolescence, it is only natural that I live my passion to the fullest. After years of plastic arts lessons, watercolor lessons and painting lessons since 2016 with the painter Vitréen Yannlugg, I have never stopped painting.

A few years ago I discovered the works of Zacchi, a discovery which was a real revelation in my current pictorial approach. I had the privilege of meeting him during an opening in 2020. This meeting reinforced my admiration for this artist. Learning, creating, translating...this is how I have been experimenting for years with the boundaries between figurative, abstraction, and symbolism... J

I define my painting as a “figurative transposition”. Figurative because my works are inspired by a reality, whether landscapes, scenes of life, travel memories...but this reality, as the Larousse definition indicates "is displaced really or by the imagination in other conditions. In this in-between, I try to draw the visitor into dreams, interpretations... I use acrylic and oil paint, which I mix in most of my works, thus allowing me to mix the two universes and to keep the properties of each matter

Marie-Claire Pinson is a very involved volunteer in our association, always ready to invest in other artists.


- Les Arcambies in Changé-les-Laval (53)
- Exhibition of Généteil in Château-Gontier (53)
- Spring exhibition of the Fléchois Créartrists at La Flèche (72)
- Plastic arts fair in Meslay du Maine (53)
- Regional art exhibition in Ernée (53)
- Water painting fair in Avrillé (49)
- Street competitions in different cities (2 first prizes)
- Exhibition at the Aquarelle gallery in Grez-Neuville 49
- Exhibitor at the Cancale 35 biennial
- Exhibitor at the “Asnières-sur-Toiles” day Asnières sur Vêgre 72
- Exhibition at the Crédit Mutuel headquarters in Laval 53
- Exhibition at the “la loge des beaux-arts” gallery in Changé 53
- Exhibition at the Bourny neighborhood center in Laval 53
- Exhibition at the Aubance gallery in Brissac Quincé 49
- Exhibition at the “le Majestic” gallery in Montsûrs