Collection: ZAMANIAN Mathias

“Doctor, painter, doctor, contemporary, medical, renaissance, acrylic, oil, paint, canvas, jute, wood, pigments, marker, ink, imaginary characters, Renaissance…”

"You really have a unique universe, Mathias Z!"

It started in childhood and it never left him:

After a long break, it was only at the end of medical internship that her desire to paint resurfaced. Farewell to theories and academicism, he then said to himself:

"I will invent my own paint, I will spread the colors that I like and that's it! Goodbye the compatibility of one color with another, goodbye perspective, imposed volumes, in short goodbye technique... This is the emotion that will take precedence! I will add a touch of madness to it, I will let myself soar and dream with my painting!"

His painting, he wanted it, above all, free, intuitive. He locked himself away with her for three years, painting on weekends and in the evenings after work, totally detached from technique and artistic fashion. Then little by little he began to exchange with other painters, to learn, to understand, and to improve.