Collection: MOTTE Isabelle

Isabelle Motte explores femininity through two distinct sculptural approaches. The first focuses on the sensuality of forms, evoking curves, roundness and lasciviousness, creating subjective works where blossoming bodies invite projection and contemplation. The second technique, bas-relief, fuses sculpture and painting, offering multifaceted works, sometimes inspired by masters such as Modigliani or Leonardo da Vinci. Beyond sculpture, Motte also explores Indian ink painting on fabric, capturing the volumes of the body with a simple stroke. For her, imagination is the raw material of her creation, translating her view of the world through soft and serene forms, capturing moments of life in her works.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Exhibition in chapel at Pornic 44
  • Circuit of the Chapelle sur Erdre 44 workshops
  • Rotary Salon in Chateaubriand 44.
  • Art salon in Ste Gemmes 49.
  • ART3F Nantes 44.
  • Guest of Honor at Salon Sucé sur Erdre 44
  • Salon de la Doutre in Angers 49.
  • Annual open days of the workshop at La Chapelle Sur Erdre 44.
  • Arts fair in Cholet 49.
  • Living room in Oudon 49.
  • Arts garden in Sucé sur Erdre 44.
  • Art fair in Champtoceaux 44.
  • Art aux Nefs in Nantes 44.
  • Price of the 2023 Sucé sur Erdre 44 Show
  • Art fair in Nort sur Erdre 44.