Collection: GRISEZ Myriam

Mayenne artist, she has been painting for over thirty years.

"Trying to raise awareness about the differences, even in Art; I am an artist of colors in Life. Each painting has its story, make yours your own.

Explosions of color, on canvas or other supports such as fabric, let your imagination travel and create your story.

Exhibitions :

  • Contemporary art salon Gorron (53)
  • Grande Expo Majestic Gallery Montsûrs (53)
  • Art and Heritage Fair Luxeuil les Bains (71)
  • Town hall of Meslay-du-Maine (53)
  • Segré Spring Salon (49)
  • Helpdoctor St Etienne association profit auctions (69)
  • Autumn show Meslay-du-Maine (53)
  • Solo exhibition Majestic Gallery Montsûrs (53)
  • Mayet “Painters at large” (72)
  • Workshop-Expo organic market of Meslay-du-Maine (553)
  • White Gallery Les Sables d’Olonne (85)
  • Montmartre to the end of the world Angers (49)
  • Exhibition at Christine Jeandroz pianist - Saulges (53)
  • Chemeré le Roi organic market workshop (53)
  • Auction for the association against breast cancer Caen (14)
  • Malicorne tourist office (72)
  • Soulgé sur Ouette retirement home (53)
  • Montmirail (53)Antwerp le Hamon art market (72)