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Collection: TOY Nicholas

This creator of unusual objects has always liked to divert objects. It's not a question of fashion, it's innate.

Mechanic, coachbuilder, painter by profession, his health forced him to cease his professional activity. Since 2015, with his experience, he has devoted himself entirely to his creations: Sculptures, lamps, paintings... made from recycled parts and various materials such as steel, wood, resin or PVC.

The inspiration often comes from the shape of the recovered object, but the approach can be reversed, he then has to look for the parts that can be assembled to form the object.

Recycling has become a way of life, for Nicolas Toy, simply an Art.

  • Winner of the City Prize La Grande Expo 2020 MGM
  • collective and individual exhibitions MAJESTIC GALLERY
  • Actipôle Martigné (53)
  • V&B Evron (53)
  • IN SITU V exhibitions in Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve (53)
  • Tattoo Convention Le Mans (72)
  • Montsûrs media library (53)
  • ephemeral shop exhibition Evron (53)
  • Brokamaf exhibition in Mayenne (53)
  • exposure to Crédit Mutuel Evron (53)
  • Evron socio-cultural center (53)
  • Primary school Jean Monnet Evron (53)