Collection: TOY Nicholas

Nicolastoy is both a loyal subscriber to our online sales site and a very committed volunteer within our associative gallery. His passion for creating unusual objects and his talent for repurposing objects are innate, and he considers recycling to be a true art of living. Inspired by the shape of recovered objects, he can also reverse his approach by looking for pieces that can be assembled to form new creations.

After winning the City Prize at the Grande Expo 2020 and having had a successful solo exhibition in March 2021 in our gallery, Nicolas Housse became a volunteer artist within our association. Despite an intense professional and family life, he devotes a lot of time to his creations while being very involved in his role as a volunteer. His good humor and skills are always there to support the association.

  • collective and individual exhibitions MAJESTIC GALLERY
  • Gallery of 12 - Domfront en Poiraie (61)
  • Actipole Martigné (53)
  • V & B Evron (53)
  • IN SITU V exhibitions in Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve (53)
  • Tattoo Convention Le Mans (72)
  • Montsûrs media library (53)
  • exhibition pop-up shop Evron (53)
  • Brokamaf exhibition in Mayenne (53)
  • exposure to Crédit Mutuel Evron (53)
  • Hyphen Evron socio-cultural center (53)
  • Jean Monnet primary school Evron (53)

Nicolastoy is permanently represented by the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs