Philippe Drix came in 2012 to a particular form of artistic creation, via photography, after having discovered, somewhat by chance, processes for the extreme transformation of digital images.
These processes allow him to create images, figurative or not, which he sometimes dramatizes by bringing in external elements, to compose strange and dreamlike scenes: this is the "digital baroque" (according to the happy formula of Régis Cotentin) , a whole new world that re-enchants reality.

Digital simulacra, his augmented photographs incite fantasy by giving us to see a reality that we create ourselves: they call for a temporary escape to these non-places that only the eye can inhabit.

augmented photography
Is a technique that consists of modifying, more or less, a digital photograph by any digital process whatsoever.

It allows all approaches, all themes, all areas, all styles, all forms of expression and all the audacity of all imaginations...

By the current technical possibilities, infinite, unheard of, unknown until then, it reveals to the public a new, eminent, sometimes stammering but incomparable form of artistic creation, on all the themes and in all the fields resulting from the imagination.

It can cover all styles: expressionism, surrealism, symbolism, fantastic, abstract, kitsch, classicism, ... and all subjects: poetic or prosaic; humor, spirituality, mythology, social, human, eternity, psychology, ecology...