Collection: THIENPONDT Fernand

Fernand Thienpondt, Belgian artist, excels in watercolor and sculpture. Trained in Interior Architecture, he perfected his art at the Academies of Fine Arts and at the Cultural Center of Bruges.
For Fernand, art is a way of living intensely by learning to better perceive and feel our environment. His works, often inspired by nature and the North Sea which rocked his childhood, reflect beauty. In his artistic quest, he emphasizes key elements such as light, choice of colors, atmosphere and movement, thus creating original artistic compositions.

With more than 200 selections in national and international exhibitions over the past ten years, his works have traveled to many countries in Europe, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Australia. As an author and editor, Fernand also contributed to artistic literature with works such as "Bruges, revelations of water and light" and the series "AQUARELLEDIDACTE", composed of nine volumes.

He is involved in several artistic associations, playing a key role as founder of the Flemish school of watercolor and drawing, the Watercolor Art gallery "Bel'Aquarel" and the Aquarelle artists' CLUB, all based in Bruges , in Belgium.

Among his distinctions:

Honorary diploma from SEP Society for the Encouragement of Progress, Paris
SEAB Gold Medal Société d’Encouragement Au Bien, Paris.
Member NABK National Association for Beeldende Kunstenaars, Netherlands
Member Museum of Acquarello in Fabriano, Italy
Grand Prix Watercolor Salon of Drawing and Water Painting, Grand Palais, Paris.
Knight Academician MAA Mondial Art Académia
Gold medal International Prize for Art Professionals 2021