Collection: VILLERME Catherine

Catherine Villermé, imbued with her mother's artistic heritage, evolves with singular mastery between abstraction and figuration, thus creating a delicate balance between two artistic worlds.

At the heart of his creative process, emotion occupies a preponderant place. Catherine uses painting to transcend her emotions, evoking landscapes imbued with surrealism, sometimes imbued with the unconscious. Music becomes his accomplice, helping him build a narrative based on authentic feelings. She deeply believes in the importance of impulses and details that arouse the viewer's emotions. For Catherine, each painting is an exploration of the unknown, a revelation of something buried deep within oneself.

The artist chooses oil as his preferred material to bring his artistic project to life. This substance offers the slowness necessary to work in depth, without time pressure. Armed with brushes, spatulas and rags, she takes over her workshop to explore the raw material of the canvas, giving free rein to her inner emotions, covering, scratching, and letting her creativity express itself fully. His sources of inspiration are found in landscapes and memories of solitude, where rare characters take on a marked presence. Light is a key element in each of his creations.

Catherine won the Senate Medal during the Grande Expo Internationale 2023 at the Majestic Gallery Montsûrs. Medal given to him by Madam Senator of Mayenne Elisabeth Doineau.