Collection: VIOTTI GILABERT Alessandra

The artist, of Italian origin, has been trained in Fine Arts since childhood. His work is characterized by a subtle fusion between realism and abstraction, in a minimalist style. Realism is manifested by the refined representation of its subjects while abstraction is found in the expression of colorful symbols carrying emotions and ideals. His works are the result of careful study and in-depth reflection in order to appear simple. His pictorial series all explore a central theme, born from reflections often linked to society and its emotions. Alessandra seeks committed, authentic art that resists artifice and simulacra.
Over the last 4 years, the artist has had 45 international exhibitions including 7 personal exhibitions to his credit: Paris, Florence, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Monaco, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Athens, Rome etc. in prestigious galleries and venues such as the Grand Palais Art en Capital “Le Salon Dessin et Peinture à l'eau”, the Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo and the Maru Art Center in Seoul.

International Awards in Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo :
• Silver Medal in Fine Arts from the Académie Arts-Sciences et Lettres de Paris 2023
• Prize for Excellence in Painting and Drawing La Rochelle 2022
• Arts Letters and Music Prize Toulouse, Arts Letters and Music, Mage Gallery 2022
• Prize for Excellence in Drawing Technique, La Rochelle 2021
• Prize of Excellence, La Rochelle 2020
• Jury Prize International Exhibition Galerie Esart, Barcelona 2020
• 3rd Jury Prize at Galerie Thuillier, Paris 2019
• La Rochelle Excellence Prize 2019
• Kubota Gallery International Distinction, Tokyo 2018
• Maritime Arts Prize, La Rochelle 2018
• Silver medal from the Academy of Arts-Sciences and Letters of Paris. 2018

Member of the Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres de Paris, of the European Academy of Arts France, of the Taylor Foundation. Painter Cotée Drouot represented by StudioZero and the Purificato.Zero Gallery in Rome