Collection: LESAGE Véronique

Installed as a professional since 1996, her first workshop is located in Nogent le Rotrou, stronghold of the Percheron horse; The artist quickly exhibited his draft horses during the Percheron competitions and became known as a painter of the horse and the land.
She is one of the guests of honor at the Musée du Perche exhibitions: “the courageous horse” and “draft animals, milking animals”.
His passion for horses led him to create the logo of the Perche Regional Park, at the request of the President of the Société Hippique Percheronne, as well as the logo of the Mondial du Cheval Percheron in 2011, to name but a few.
In 2003, the Municipality of René offered him to occupy a brand new studio, with the responsibility for the artist to “bring the village to light culturally speaking!
It creates a first cultural, educational and environmental association, to speak, not only of the heritage and cultural riches of the village and of the Saosnois, but also, of the Living Heritage (from the Percheron horse, to the Saosnoise cow, without forgetting the fauna and flora wild, and also of the peasant heritage; festivals, around local animals, outings with the LPO, conferences on the climate....etc.... to better know what surrounds us.....and thus being able to protect what we know.
Painter and sculptor, Véronique Lesage interprets the living in a graphic and gestural way or by the photographic style portrait: she is also an animal portraitist. Passionate about the interpretation of movement, her intention is underlined by the calligraphic technique.