Collection: RATIER Ghislaine

Ghislaine Ratier began her artistic career after graduating from the École des Beaux-arts in Caen. Initially a teacher in Visual Arts, she explored the field of decoration as an artisan, creating wall frescoes and painted furniture. In 2007 she chose to devote herself fully to painting.

Over the years, Ghislaine Ratier has developed a unique artistic style, mixing realism imbued with dreaminess with naive and contemporary representations. Her artistic work often focuses on the representation of trees, which she draws in the style of an engraver, using Indian ink on washes of colors to create landscapes imbued with poetry.

"My painting is a poetic vision of reality. My approach is to provoke an emotion, an astonished look, a reflection, a smile..."

Some of his personal exhibitions:

  • Créarts Gallery - CAEN
  • Park Room -BARNEVILLE
  • Cultural center - MAINTENON
  • L'ArtMature Gallery - FRESNAY
  • La Bohème Gallery - CHARROUX
  • Media library - LE MELE SUR SARTHE
  • Tree stories - MEURCE
  • Town Hall - CONDE SUR SARTHE
  • The tree and life - PERVENCHERES
  • The Gallery - MORTAGNE
  • Art and Miss Gallery - PARIS
  • The Jodafa Cimaises - EVREUX
  • GACE Castle
  • The Sagienne Gallery - SEES