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JM de la Fonchais

Mists of hope

Mists of hope

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This collection is the fruit of long years of writing in verse. Since the age of sixteen when a literature teacher introduced him to the magic of the word, the author has never abandoned writing, capturing a thought, a suffering, an indignation, or even a moment of grace on the fly. .
Free in form – while seeking musical rhyme – his poems are intended to be accessible to all, far from the hermetic image with which poetry is often adorned. This collection sees the light of day after a long series of works which have marked the author's life, of which the Ariadne's thread remains the poem. It is part of his somewhat atypical trajectory, which led him from a love of the land to positions in public finance – without leaving his heart, Mayenne. May the reader find emotion and pleasure in these few lines, like a bottle in the sea in this hectic and superficial world.

"What could be more gratifying, for a poet in the twilight of his life, than the birth of a new collection in the big drawer of intense moments in poetry territory? Jean-Marc de la Fonchais"

by Editions Baudelaire

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